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man wearing PPE cleaning police car

AACO Police Car

When the Anne Arundel Police Department needs odor removal, they call SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian.  

shower with dirty water

Storm Damage

This Edgewater property suffered storm damage when their sewage line clogged from a heavy rainstorm. 

Zoom image squares

Zoom Networking

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian is an active member of the Big “Deale” Business Networking International (BNI) group. A member of our team participates in their weekly zoom meetings. The group has 20 members that work together to improve their business customer base. 

As a business leader in the Southern Anne Arundel County area, we pride ourselves on maintaining quality relationships with other business leaders. We are here to help you in any way. So, don’t hesitate to ask for referrals to other businesses in Edgewater and the surrounding area. The connections we have in the community is a great reason to work with SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian. 

hallway with water and sewage damage

Large Sewage Loss

Government building experiences sewage contamination.

man wearing PPE wiping down elevator buttons

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

SERVPRO of Edgewater / Deale-Churchton / Lothian was called to an Edgewater apartment complex because a tenant was COVID-19 positive.  The property management company proactively decided to hire us to protect the health and safety of their tenants. 

mold growing on drywall

Mold Growth

A hot water pipe under the master bathroom sink leaked while the homeowners were away and caused mold to grow throughout the home. When there’s a water intrusion, mold can quickly become a problem in a home.

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian will work to clean your furniture, decorative items, curtains, and other restorable items affected by mold. We will use a variety of cleaning techniques to clean and sanitize your belongings. Our staff is also trained to remove odors and deodorize using fogging equipment.

Our technicians understand mold and mold growth and have the training and equipment to remediate mold in your home.

Biohazard Cleanup

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian recently worked with a family to clean biohazard from their family member’s home. The family member passed away in the home and the home required professional remediation (including cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing).

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian offers fast and reliable biohazard cleanup and restoration services to property owners. Exposure to biological contaminants can pose serious health consequences. Be sure to have such hazardous substances professionally removed.

Fire Care Kits

SERVPRO of Edgewater/ Deale–Churchton/Lothian is here for you from when a fire strikes your home. Our franchise provides care kits so you have all of the essentials. We give you a kit with a folder to put all of your important family documents, such as insurance policies, identification and bank account records. We provide snacks and water as well as coloring books with crayons for your family. 

Drywall Removed

Recently, our Water Restoration Technicians responded to a Tracey's Landing property that suffered a flooded basement. Luckily, the homeowner contact us quickly so we were able to dry to damage before it caused any other problems.

Pipe Leak

A kitchen pipe leaked and caused some serious damage in this Edgewater property. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO® of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian is close by and ready to respond to any water damage emergency.

Warehouse Storage Crates

When your property suffers from a disaster, SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian is here to help. Did you know we have an 18,000 square feet facility in Arnold Maryland? This facility is often used to store contents of your home or business while SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian provides restoration services.


Why does SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian have such a great reputation? Because our team works well together. Effective communication is something that our franchise owner, Diane, and our general manager, Chris, continually encourage. 

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Water Damage Specialists

Washing machine water leak caused major damage to this townhouse. The homeowner contacted SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian because we are known in the community as water damage specialists. 

Faster to any Basement Disaster

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian worked with an Edgewater homeowner who had water in their basement. They were referred to us by their builder, who said we would come out immediately to address the water damage. As water damage specialists, our team has the experience, expertise, and training that enabled them to get this basement dried quickly and thoroughly. 

The SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian team is known as being Faster to Any Size Disaster

What happens when a fire extinguisher goes off?

What happens when a fire extinguisher goes off? It leaves a mess. Fire extinguishers contain different chemicals, depending on the application. The active material may be a powder such as potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3), liquid water, an evaporating fluorocarbon or the propelling agent itself. 

Recently, SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian cleaned a bus which incurred a mess when a fire extinguisher went off inside.  Our crew performed a general cleaning as well as monitored the area for moisture.

When the unexpected happens, call the cleanup team that is faster to any size disaster.

Office Team

Meet the team in our Arnold Maryland main office. They provide outstanding support. Represented in this photo are Sales and Marketing, Account Support, Rebuild Management and more. 

Pasadena House Fire

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian helped residence of this Pasadena home when it suffered an electrical fire. The fire occurred early in the morning. Thankfully, all members of the family evacuated safely.

Our team wants to remind everyone that it's important to have working smoke alarms. This is what helped save this family. Please take the time to test your smoke alarms on a regular basis.

Click here to get more information on how to properly test your alarm from Anne Arundel County Fire Department.

Mold in Bathroom

When homeowners remove tile from bathrooms, especially showers, they often find mold. SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian was called to Severn, Maryland to address one such mold problem. Our team was able to safely remove the mold and help reconstruct the bathroom. In essence, we made it “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Water Floods Basement

When heavy rain saturates the ground, it can cause water to flow into basement stairwells. In this Pasadena, Maryland home, SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian was called to help with damage from the storm water coming into the basement from the flooded stairwell. The damage included carpet, fuse ball table, and a futon.

Storm Damage in Davidsonville

This Davidsonville homeowner called us because her sump pump failed during a storm on July 30, 2018. Our SERVPRO Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian crew was dispatched to evaluate the damage.

Mold Found in Pasadena Home

When families go on vacation, they turn off their air conditioner. When this happened in a Pasadena, Maryland home, mold appeared on the vents. The family was away for a week and when they returned, they noticed mold on 2 vents in the house. 

SERVPRO Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian was called to provide an estimate because the estimate the received from another company was too high in price. 

The homeowners were pleased with our price and the work. Our suggestion is to leave the air conditioner on while you are away, just increase the temperature a bit.

Fire in Pasadena Home

This photo shows the devastation of a home fire in Pasadena, Maryland. Our team provided this family with outstanding support during this devastating time. 

Women in Restoration Award

Diane Whittles is first-runner up for the Women in Restoration Award June 2018

Storm blows out power, Friendship home floods

When the power goes out so do most sump pumps.  Many pumps are now installed with a battery backup that will keep the pump working during a power outage.  This home did not have a back up and the pump failed to expel water that entered the basement during a large rain storm.

Churchton home toilet leads to Mold Remediation

Anywhere there is water in a home can be a source for water damage that leads to mold.  Toilets can have small slow leaks that seep under the flooring. The dampness and high humidity lead to mold growth under the bathroom flooring.

Mayo Construction project suffers with Mold

Keeping job sites dry and mold free is just one more item project managers worry about. Sometimes it is the materials that show up wet from transport or they are damaged onsite. It is important to make sure everything is dry before 'closing in".

Content Cleaning needed in Lothian after Water Damage

People do not often think about the items in a home that is effected by water damage.  If the water leaks from the ceiling like in this home, all the clothes in the closet as well as items on the cabinets were wet. SERVPRO has special dry cleaners and content cleaning rooms to restore most items in a home.

Refrigerator line causes water damage in Tracy's Landing

A clogged refrigerator drain line can lead to water leaking out of the unit. To check and or remove clogs follow these steps:

  • Shut off the water valve to refrigerator
  • Remove the ice bin and dump the ice out in the sink
  • Pour 3 to 4 cups of white distilled vinegar into the ice-maker and dispenser lines with a small funnel and allow it to soak for five to 10 minutes to break down the lime.
  • Rinse with warm water and turn water back on

Marina in Deale looses office to Water Damage

The small marina office building suffered from a water pipe bursting from the ceiling. The water soaked the ceiling tiles and insulation which then landed wet on the desk.  Our teams came in and removed the debris and dried out the remaining structure.

Storm Water Blocks Entry in Edgewater

Storm damage may not always hit at home, but can hit the local business or churches you frequent. This church had to shut down one entrance while crews worked on the water damage restoration.

Sewage Back Up leaves more than water behind

When the sewer lines back up into a property it is considered a Category 3 water loss.  This is the worst classification and is grossly unsanitary. It used to be called black water, and sources include sewer backup, flooding from rivers or streams, toilet overflow with feces, and stagnant liquid that has begun to support bacterial growth. You do not want to clean this up yourself. Let our certified professionals mange this one.

Overhead Pipe leak in Edgewater

When you realize you are in the middle of a water emergency there are a few things to do before help arrives.  First  thing to do is turn off the water valve if you have access to it. Then call SERVPRO at 410.867.3590 so they can dispatch a water damage service team. Putting out buckets if the leak is from overhead is a good start as well.

Mold Damages Edgewater Wine Cellar

Wine cellars are beautiful and functional spaces to hold your wine collection.  The two most important aspects of wine storage is the temperature and humidity of the cellar. Specialty wine cooling units are installed to ensure the proper temperature and humidity are maintained.  When this unit failed, the homeowner was left with mold that took over his wine!  He trusted SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian with the job of cleaning his prized wine cellar.

Commercial Business needs Water Damage Assistance

Businesses in the Edgewater area can lose money if they are not open. The disruption of service and work that can take place during a water damage can be significant.  Our team rolled in on New Years Day to mitigate a water loss from toilet overflow.  They set up equipment to dry the space so that there would be minimal work delays.

Microwave Fire in Tracy's Landing

The back of this microwave is the cause of a small home fire.  The malfunctioning appliance sparked and lead to the kitchen cabinets needing to be replaced and the home needing to be deodorized. Our team was able to respond and get the home back in working order.

Chimney Fires in West River can Destroy Structures

Chimney fires are very common in colder months of the year.  When chimneys accumulate a build up of residue in the lining, creosote, it is very combustible.  When the internal flue temperature is high enough the creosote can ignite and then lead to surrounding structure of the home. Annual chimney cleaning is recommended by the CSIA.

Air Scrubbers Help in Galesville Home

During a fire repair job our crews are likely to set up air scrubbers. The machines are used to pull air through several filters and efficiently remove particles from the air to help improve indoor air quality.  These filters are changed when they are "full" which can happen several times at a fire damaged home.

Mold has Taken Over

Mold growth can be scary for a homeowner to tackle on their own. We recommend calling our certified professionals who will use the best protocol for your situation.  Call 410-867-3590 for an estimate.

Know where to shut it off

Knowing is half the battle.  Lots of water damages could be minimized if homeowners knew how to turn off their water.  SERVPRO offers these bright tags to help remind owners where to turn off water in case of emergency.

What is that smell?

Did the baby spill milk under a seat, long time smoker quit, or an accident leave your car with a bad smell?  Call our team of trained technicians who have been working with local car dealers to red cars of mystery smells for years.

Storm Waters Rage

When storm waters flooded Ellicott City our crews where available to lend a hand, or twenty.  It was a a regional team effort that made restoration of the historic city possible.

Content Storage after a Fire

When a fire hits a portion of a home it can have an effect on all areas.  Our team can pack out the contents for cleaning and then we store them onsite, until the home is restored.

Naval Academy Laundry needs cleaning too

Crews are working on an interior cleaning of Naval laundry facilities.  The brigade and staff are off on holiday leave so this is a perfect time to have SERVPRO crews dive in for a deep clean.

New Heights

Our crews hit new heights on this job.  They were all required to have operator and safety class prior to heading up on the scissor lifts. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients and employees are ssfe on job sites.

Coat Drive for HOPE FOR ALL

Our team along with co hosts The Green Turtle Edgewater, Southern County Chamber of Commerce and AACPS collected coats throughout December.  The first batch were delivered yesterday to Leo at HOPE FOR ALL. They will be distributed to those in need before upcoming storms.

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian #greenlightavet

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian is proud to be participating in the Green Light a Vet Campaign. We salute the members of our armed forces as they make the transition back to civilian life. Thank you for all that you do.

Holiday Trade Fair at Earleigh Heights Fire Hall in Severna Park

SERVPRO of Annapolis/Severna Park had a great time participating in the Holiday Trade Fair at Earleigh Heights Fire Hall in Severna Park with all the members of the Greater Severna Park Chamber. We love reaching out to the community to let them know that SERVPRO is here for them.

Supporting Firefighters in Davidsonville

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale/Churchton/Lothian is supporting the firefighters of Local 1563 in making breast cancer “Like it never even happened.”

Our crew members wore their pink shirts every Friday in October.

24 Hour Emergency Services

Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year for emergency water extractions. Whether it’s a storm, burst pipe, or even your water heater breaks they are always ready to meet your commercial or residential water removal needs.

Call SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian Today! 410-867-3590

New addition!

Check out the new addition to our fleet!

Happy Holidays!

SERVPRO Christmas tree! Our office staff did an amazing job making ornaments of all the staff! So grateful to be a part of this amazing team of people!

Happy Holidays from all of us at SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian!

SERVPRO Holiday Party!

SERVPRO Holiday Party!

Firefighter Ride Along

Our Commercial Marketer, out on a ride along with the local Arnold 17 VFD.

AA County Diversity Event at Loews Annapolis

AA County Diversity Event at Loews Annapolis

Muddy Creek Artists Guild

We are a corporate sponsor of the Muddy Creek Artists Guild. We support our local South Conty Artists! 

Muddy Creek Artists Guild

We support the arts in South County!